Product description

1.Rated voltage:AC 110V-220V 50HZ
2.PSA Methods:PSA
3.Input Power:105W
4.Inhalation:headeset type,nasal tube running
5.Noise:about 48db
6.Oxygen concentrator:30~90%, Only When 1L/Min, it 90% Purity
7.Product size:302*168*325mm
8.Air output:1~6L(Electric regulator)
9.Net weight:6.8kg
10;Negative oxygen:≥6 million particles/cm³
11.Display control:LED timer dispaly,smart chip control
Related accessories:
gas piping 1PC
ears-hanging oxygen inhaler 1PC
snorting oxygen inhaler 1PC
nasal suction filter 1PC
filtration cotton 1PC
remote control 1PC
power line 1PC
1. Overall design flow kneading machine without any projection, designed for families with elderly and children.
2. First large 4-inch LED color display, so that the elderly can see it more clearly.
3. Pioneered embedded water tank ,being easy to remove and clean.
4. Luminous indication of wetting water box, being convenient and beautiful, makes gas flow be adjusted more easily.


About the product
  • Battery Operated, Portable design, Especially for home care ,offices, shopping, traveling,etc, outdoor application
  • Continuous Flow,1-6L/min with 30%-90% purity, Only 1 L/Min, it is 90% purity
  • 4 inch Color LED Screen, wireless remote controll, low noice, support two people to breathe oxygen at the same time, easy to solve the family’s oxygen demand
  • with top oil-free air compressors,Using quality outlet filter, with military standard , tested by the united states Nielsen, good filtering effect
  • CE Certificated